Important Notice to Parents

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Important Notice to Parents

Friday 18 September 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Firstly, thank you for your amazing support over the last 3 terms – your ‘can do’ attitude and kindness has meant a lot to our teaching and support teams. 2020 has definitely been the year where change and building resilience have been the common themes and we look set to continue in this direction through term 4 at Rewa Rewa School. This letter is to you inform you about two changes to expect in term 4, which will mainly affect our Yr 1 – 2 team (Whero).


In term 4 we will be welcoming Guadalupe Salinas to the Whero Yr 1 – 2 teaching team. Originally from Chile, Guadalupe has lived in NZ for 7 yrs and trained at Victoria University. Apart from playing the guitar and speaking Spanish, her background includes working with children where English is a second language. Her psychology degree will also help us to support students whose learning needs can be more complex. This appointment will allow us to achieve a full-time 1:21 ratio in the junior classes. We say thank you and farewell to Jenae Ryan who has taught part-time in Whero during term 3. Diane Griffith and Carolyn Collis will continue to be our regular release teachers for this team. We are very blessed to have such talented, connected and passionate teachers working with our tamariki.


As from the term 3 holidays, contractors will be onsite working at the junior end (Whero class) of our classroom block. An extension to the outdoor porch area is being built, as well as a new breakout room. The exterior work is part of the long-awaited Stage 1 development of our junior adventure playground. The breakout room is being created inside the building, close to the library and will primarily be used to support those with sensory learning needs. We are hopeful that the promised installation of new fencing might also be underway during this time.

We have been advised that the upgrade will take at least 7 weeks to complete. Fortunately, our past property experience, which has involved moving the entire school, means we are well practiced at managing the minor interruptions to be expected when working in and around our learning spaces in term 4. The occasional chocolate cake would go down a treat though.

Throughout term 4, our full teaching team will be working very hard to ensure a continuation of routine and calm for all of our students. The 3 full-time Whero teachers will teach in their usual teaching spaces, but at times, when access to classroom #1 and the toilets is restricted, we will also use alternative breakout areas such as the hall, the 5th classroom next to Kahurangi and Kowhai toilets. On fine days during class time, an outdoor learning area will be available to use near the hall.

During term 4 we will have a wonderful range of programmes which do not require a home classroom setting – The Life Education Trust will be visiting with Harold the giraffe, swimming lessons will resume in our pool, there will be a second science workshop delivered by Victoria university of Wellington, PE lessons (such as tabloid sports), and an end of year whole school trip. These things will all help to minimise the disruption caused by this property upgrade.

Once this work is completed, we can then look forward to the fun part – developing Stage 2 of the junior adventure playground. If you know of any amazing “Learning through Play” playgrounds that we could visit, or have any expertise to share, we would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, thank you for your help and understanding during this time of change and improvement.

Jan Otene (Principal)            Mark Williams (BOT Chair)

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