Newsletter 7, Term 2 Week 11 2020

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Newsletter 7, Term 2 Week 11 2020

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Reminder – Term Dates

Term 2 ends 3pm, Thursday 02 July & Term 3 begins 9am, Tuesday 21 July.

Friday 03 July & Monday 20 July are Teacher Only Days and school will be closed.

We are determined to end this term on a positive note as we think of the many things we have to be grateful for, including being able to congratulate ourselves on a job well done over the past 2 terms. We have met the challenges of sanitiser, contact tracing registers, online learning and being in bubbles with absolute resoluteness and a sense of calm. Although there may be times when we need to return to this in the future, we know we have the systems and protocols in place to deal with it.

We’ve returned to school life adopting new ways of doing things with ease – we’ve just got on with it! Changes such as our yr 3 – 6 toilets now being gender neutral have just been accepted without fuss. NB. This came about when we were keeping classes separated from each other’s bubbles and it worked well, so we have decided to keep it in place.

I know our teaching team is shattered, having gone from January until now at a full-on pace – new staff starting, ERO to prepare for, online learning, mid-year data and now report writing… it has certainly meant a huge effort on their part to keep the ball rolling and I thank them for their professionalism and amazing ‘can do’ attitude. Along with our magnificent support team, we are so lucky to have such an awesome team working together to support our Rewa Rewa community. To our community – your words of thanks, offerings of baking and acts of kindness have also been much appreciated!

See you in term 3, ready to fly to new heights. Have a well-deserved break, and remember that the last day for this term is Thursday 2 July.


Staffing Updates

Ana Kawenga (Kowhai class teacher) is leaving us to begin her new position as a Māori immersion teacher. Whilst very sad to see her leave Rewa Rewa school, we know that she will have much to offer her new kura. The Kowhai teacher from the start of term 3 will be Frances Reilly, who comes to us from Discovery School. Frances has already met Kowhai students and is very excited to be joining our team.

Other staff changes:

  • Jenae Ryan will be joining the Whero teaching team, part-time in term 3
  • Mel, one of our valued TAs from Whero is leaving us
  • We welcome Michelle to the Whero team as a TA

Roll Growth / 2021 projections

We currently have 113 students on our roll, with a handful more expected to arrive over the next 2 terms. The board and principal are working very hard to ensure that we are putting enough staffing in key areas to support all students and their teachers. This includes looking at 2021+ projections to efficiently manage teacher:student ratios.

Many factors need to be considered, such as how much staffing the Ministry allocates us, whether the board can assist with additional funding, as well as how families unexpectedly moving in/out of the area affects our roll size.  The grouping of our year levels to accommodate roll growth during each year is important, so that we have adequate space/resources to cater for this.

The board is currently providing the junior class with additional teaching hours during term 3 and we will continue to keep our community informed as new decisions are made.

Out of Zone Enrolment, Term 1 & 2, 2021

Advertising for out-of-zone enrolment applications for term 1 & 2 2021 will be placed in the Independent Herald on 30 September. If you have a child starting in terms 1 or 2 next year AND you live out of zone, YOU MUST put your child’s enrolment into this ballot. Some of our families who have children currently at our school, are out of zone due to them already belonging to our school prior to when the zone was introduced. So, your child must be in the ballot to be considered for enrolment. We cannot guarantee any places, as we must follow strict Ministry directives on how we manage our roll and the process for accepting candidates. You are welcome to speak with the principal with any queries that you may have.

Property Developments

Over the term 2 holidays expect to see diggers and trucks onsite at school. We are expecting

that 5 shade sails will be erected and that new fencing will begin to appear. It will feel a bit different having fences where we have never had them before. However, we have tried to keep these to a minimum, whilst ensuring that they keep students safely onsite during the day. People using the gates will just need to remember to close them!

Teacher Only Day reminders

The two 2020 professional development dates to upskill our teachers in ‘Learning through Play’ and ‘DIMC maths’ are being held on:

  • Friday 3 July (last week of term 2)
  • Monday 20 July (first week of term 3)

A reminder that school will not be open for instruction on either of these days.

Physical Education @ Rewa Rewa

An 8 week gymnastics programme, operated by Easyswim, is being offered to all students at our school and they are loving it.

The school has just purchased over $1000 worth of PE gear, including basketballs and volleyballs, to support our class PE programmes and lunchtime games in term 3.

Next term training for school and local region cross country events will begin.

Student Leaders

Ananyaa, Clara, Mathius, Pranesh, Raffy and Shadaye are our school leaders. They have been busy trying to think of ways to add value within our school to help others. They have organised Wheels Day Wednesdays and can be seen in action each week running this for students. Their next event will be to help organise a celebration FUN Day on the final Thursday of this term. They will be helping their teachers to organise a range of activities,  so expect to hear how this will look for your child’s class very soon.

Patrol & Road Safety

Our patrol team continue to be gobsmacked by the antics of parent drivers and pedestrians. Likewise, a parent who cares sent me a dash cam video of a van and car being thoughtlessly parked near the patrol area.

We will also continue to speak to anyone who does not use the crossing when the patrol team is on duty – this can only be described as idiotic behaviour and poor role modelling by some of our whanau.

We desperately need more parents to help with patrol duties. It is just 15 min of your time and we need you to help keep all of our children safe. A huge thank you to Kirk, Lynnda, Sharleen and Tony for your regular support – you are amazing! However, we also know that for most of this group it may be your last year of being associated with Rewa Rewa. So, we need to build up our volunteer base NOW.  Failing this, it may be that we need to place every parent onto a rostered schedule.

ASC Programme

Our attendance numbers are slowly rising at After School Care. This is a board-operated service and as such, it has to make enough money to cover costs (such as wages for two staff each day), in order for us to continue to offer this service. With lower numbers returning this term, we are monitoring this very closely. We do not want to lose this service, but it relies on parents using it.

We have had 1 or 2 queries about the holiday programme being re-activated. We are currently unable to offer this until term attendance numbers increase and we are assured that lockdowns will not close operations. These 2 factors alone have the capacity to put the board at serious financial risk. In the meantime, please check Community Notices at the bottom of this newsletter for other holiday programmes that are available for people to use.

Welcome to Giovaniah and Maddie, as well as their families.  We hope you will enjoy your time at Rewa Rewa School.

Upcoming Events…

Thursday 02 July               3pm

Friday 03 July

Monday 20 July

Tuesday 21 July

Thursday 30 July              7-8.30pm

Tuesday 11 August          9-10.30am

Tuesday 8 – Wednesday 16 September

Friday 13 November

End Term 2

Teacher Only Day, SCHOOL CLOSED

Teacher Only Day, SCHOOL CLOSED

Start Term 3

Newlands Intermediate (NIS) Open Evening

NIS School in Action morning

Bee Healthy Regional Dental Service onsite

NIS 2021 Enrolments Orientation Morning

Sunshine Drama classes provide a creative and fun learning space for students aged 4 – 16 years of age. Sessions engage imaginative minds, grow confidence & build communication, performance and social skills. For further information or to arrange a free trial class, contact Jenae on 0274380533 or visit

Newlands Tamariki Playcentre alumni session

Tuesday 7 July, 12pm

All former members are invited for a play and a catch up!
Please bring along your favourite pizza topping for a shared lunch.

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